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Types of Events We Cover

Sports Events, Leagues, and Playoffs

Community Family Fun Days

Council Events

Equestrian Shows

Karate, MMA, Boxing and Jujitsu Competitions (Pre-Fight + Post-Fight checks, and ringside coverage)

Fairs and Festivals

Town Centre Response

Firework Displays

Holiday Events

Community Outreach and Fundraisers

Triathalons and Marathons

Motor Racing

Corporate Events

and more!

Don’t see your event listed? Contact us for more information.

We follow the Purple Guidelines for determining the level of coverage required for your event. We will work alongside your team to determine the appropriate number of medics at each level (FREC3, FREC4, EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, Doctor…) that are needed for your event, as well as considerations such as a crewed ambulance, RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle), medical point tent (first aid point – we equip ours like a miniature A + E department, with treatment areas providing patient dignity), and more!

Are you planning an event and would like a quote for coverage?

Contact Us:

JL Medical Services Ltd.

Mobile/WhatsApp: 07535 883 806