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About Us

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JL Medical Services is an innovative partnership formed by our team of medical professionals. We saw a need in the Event Medical services and training field, and have risen to meet that need. We pride ourselves on our level and scope of experience. Providing quality CQC compliant services to you through our base locations in Cheshire and West Midlands.

Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet our team!

England Team



England Team Lead

I am passionate about providing personalized care, and connecting with patients of all ages as I help them. My experience includes working to ensure safe patient transfers, first person on scene emergency care as a First Responder and Event Medic. I am always working hard to make medical services feel safer and more accessible for those who are in need. Whether it be taking a moment to show a family the vehicle, or providing the reassurance a patient or family member needs. I enjoy spending time with my children and partner, playing darts, and learning new and innovative medical skills.



Cory is a knowledgeable and friendly member of our team. She is always eager to learn and add to her skills, and has a passion for providing her patients with the best experience possible. Cory has extensive experience as an event medic, and in PTS (patient transport). In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her partner, and their adorable cat.



Donna is a compassionate and friendly medic. She values providing her patients with a positive experience, and is always looking to advance her skills set to take the best care of her patients. She is a big marvel fan, and her favourite is Guardians of the Galaxy.

Scotland Team




Daniel is our enthusiastic team leader for our team in Scotland. He is detail oriented, and provides great communication. He values giving back to his community, and has given a considerable amount of time in a volunteer role providing front line care to those in need in Glasgow. He has considerable experience in high needs care roles, and front line care.


Student Paramedic/FREC3

Jen is a friendly and confident student paramedic. She brings considerable experience in providing front line care. Volunteer work and giving back to her community is important to her, and in her free time she provides front line care and communications through her role with a local charity.



Katlyn is a confident and skilled member of our Scotland team. She is highly organized and proficient in the care she provides. Katlyn gives back to her community through volunteering as a front line responder with a local charity, which has given her experience in providing care for medical and psychological needs for those in all walks of life.

Wales Team:

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Mobile/WhatsApp Number: 07535 883 806

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